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10 Ways EHS Makes NYC Student Housing Stress Free

10 Ways EHS Makes NYC Student Housing Stress Free Posted on 02/27/2018

February 2, 2018


Kimmy’s landlord on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt seems adorably kooky—but you want a landlord who’s got your back. At Educational Housing Services you won’t deal with landlords popping by at weird hours, acting rude or being generally unhelpful. Instead, you get friendly-faced resident assistants. And they throw residents game nights and bring snacks. Sound like a fair enough trade for affordable rent?


Worrying about maintenance issues takes a backseat in Educational Housing Services living. Imagine waking up drenched in sweat because the air conditioner broke during an NYC heat wave. Then picture coming home from work to a chilled living room because the maintenance crew is that fast. Residents fill out maintenance requests in minutes online. Now sit back and relax, the maintenance crew will arrive soon. “Students report any maintenance issues they have through an online form that they have to fill out and the issue is usually solved within a day or two. After submitting the form, they will be sent a confirmation email to let them know that maintenance has received the message,” said Baruch College freshman Irine Thomas. Sounds easy enough!


Educational Housing Services combines the best of dorm and apartment life. You get large rooms, kitchens for easy meal prep and a floor full of new potential friends. So even on your worst day when you got on the wrong subway twice, made the mistake of hailing a cab in rush hour or received a rude comment from a stranger on the street, you’ll always have your EHS home base. “The thought of leaving home and Boston really scared my parents and me. I was nervous of the big city… however, I felt at ease once I got to my EHS apartment this summer. Everyone I met was so kind and welcoming, I had no issues transitioning into the city,” Xhonatan Mezini of Boston College said. You’ll feel totally relieved to share your troubles with your floor mates.


Looking for an easy way to save cash for a big night out in the city? Educational Housing Services offers residents discounts to places across town. Score a cheap lunch at nearby restaurants and cafes like Famiglia Pizzeria, Caffe Buon Gusto and Jersey Mike’s Subs. Plus, EHS blesses you with the gift of an easy morning commute with 10 percent off at Dunkin’ Donuts. Perk up with a steaming, discounted cup of joe every morning on the train to work — just try to avoid the jealous stares from fellow subway riders. On weekends, take advantage of discounts with Amtrak to visit friends or explore a new city like Philadelphia or Boston. Your family can even come to the Big Apple for a visit and get discounted hotel rooms at places like Nu Hotel and New Yorker Hotel Guest Rooms. You’re already saving on overpriced NYC rent. Now your wallet will burst with gratitude.


Educational Housing Services apartments come fully furnished so you can save yourself that stressful shopping trip at Target. All EHS rooms include a twin bed, desk, chair and a dresser or closet for easy storage. No need worry about your mail getting lost in the giant metropolis, either. Students can access secured package rooms that make receiving packages a breeze. “The EHS buildings have mail rooms for students to get mail easily. Residents have a key that they get to check their mail. There are also package centers where packages and mail are delivered to them and students can only pick up packages every first 20 minutes of the hour when the RAs are on duty at the package centers,” Thomas said.


Living with Educational Housing Services saves you the stress and exhaustion of running all over the city looking for an inhabitable place to live. Moving to NYC can feel both exciting and terrifying. Thankfully EHS gives you peace of mind with buildings located in awesome parts of the city like the Upper East Side and Brooklyn Heights. Living with other college students dealing with the same #InternLife struggles helps, too. “I was actually having a hard time finding housing that was both affordable and in a good area when my friend from school Emily… told me about EHS,” said Elon University senior Tess Nekvasil. “Within an hour [we] were on the phone securing our deposit for the summer.”


Hang out with students from around the world while wearing your pajamas. International students also live in Educational Housing Services residences, giving you a chance to learn new cultures, customs and perspectives. “My absolute favorite thing about EHS is that I get to live with people from all over the world and meet people from different colleges. It’s a great way to meet people and learn about different cultures… We get to interact with international students or any other students during the RA hosted events,” Thomas said. People from around the world dream of living in NYC—and you get to learn about their stories and dreams without leaving your building.


Watch Netflix in bed with the NYC city skyline as a backdrop. You deserve better than a one-windowed view of the concrete wall of your next-door neighbor’s building. Many of the Educational Housing Services rooms make just sitting at your desk an Instagram-worthy event. “Nestled in the southern peninsula of the island, the building affords views which extend from the beautiful buildings around it to the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River,” said Burns, who lived in the 55 John Street location. Stare out your window and revel in the fact that you made it. You’re living out your dreams in the Concrete Jungle. “I have a fantastic view of the East River and the FDR drive. It is absolutely beautiful at night,” Thomas said.


Avoid wasting precious time and energy worrying about logistics. Educational Housing Services has you covered while you focus on all your career goals. You can even pay rent super easily online. EHS breaks up payments evenly throughout your stay so you don’t need to stress about remembering to pay rent each month. Student housing prices also include all utilities, cable and Internet, which means less time spent bickering on the phone with the electric company and more time spent wow-ing your new boss. “It would have been very hard to immerse myself in a new job and city if I didn’t have such a positive living experience. Living at EHS enabled me to be in such an accessible area and meet great roommates making my summer that much more enjoyable,” said American University senior Megan Lavins, who interned with J.P Morgan.


Set aside your housing fears because Educational Housing Services offers affordable student housing in NYC for short stints like just over the summer to year-long leases. With six locations across the city, you hit the jackpot of accessible housing nearby your new internship. Plus, you can save yourself from the apartment hunting hassle. Pack your bags because you’re on your way to New York City!