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13 Creative Gifts Your Artsy Friend Actually Wants

13 Creative Gifts Your Artsy Friend Actually Wants Posted on 01/04/2018
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Your artsy friends always gives your day a silver lining. They cheer you up and make you think about things differently. That weird abandoned building near campus? Your friend shows you it’s actually an awesome photo backdrop. Show them how much you love them with a gift to feed their creative souls and fuels their inner-Monet. Whether they’re photography obsessed, can’t keep their list of upcoming projects organized or have perpetually paint-stained hands, there’s an artsy gift they’ll fall in love with.

1) For the Friend Living in the Wrong Decade

Playing around with Sepia and Nightlark is fun, but nothing beats holding your photographic masterpieces in your hands. Bonus: this can double as home décor. Use the polaroids to make unique scrapbooks or massive wall collages with string lights to turn your dorm’s bland, white walls into a twinkling art display. “I love polaroids,” Temple junior Brittany Valentine said. “They’ve made a comeback in popular culture because everyone loves the vintage aspect of it, and the instant gratification of having a printed picture right away. Plus the come in really cute colors!”

Price: $69.29

2) For the Sentimental Artist

Feed your friend’s creativity while showing how much you love your memories together. Create a custom collage with photos of the best times you two have shared. It might look like a child’s drawing compared to their artwork, but they’ll still appreciate your effort.

Price: $25.99

3) For the Friend Who Never Stops Writing

Hey, college is rough. A beautiful journal will allow your writer friend to let it all out. Bring out your friend’s inner Hemingway with a place to unleash all their creative thoughts. Plus, a handmade leather journal is basically a work of art in itself. “I always appreciate it when people give me things that were handmade by another artist,” 2016 Temple alum Carly Reed-Scott said. “Something that shows you appreciate the hard work that goes into the making of these things.”

Price: $10.21

4) For the Friend Waiting on Her Hogwarts Acceptance

Accio, Netflix! Perfect your wizarding skills with a Harry Potter wand remote control. Who says you need those frat parties for an epic weekend? Reach full blown HP-ception levels by using this wand during a Harry Potter marathon. Just make sure you’ve got a few spells mastered before the battle of Hogwarts.

Price: $49.00

 5) For the Friend Who is Tired of Waiting in Line to Print

Give your creative friend the power to make literally whatever he or she wantswith a 3D printer. From jewelry to candle holders to iPhone speakers, the possibilities never end. Regular printers are also always helpful for creative endeavors like collage-making and schoolwork. “Just to have your own and be able to work in your own space instead of having to haul all your stuff to the library and figure out how to print a PDF at the library is helpful,” Temple University freshman Grace Workman said.

3D Printer Price: $189.95 Regular Printer Price: $44.43

6) For the Color Obsessed

You’re pretty sure your friend has ditched you for her sketchpad on more than one occasion. Might as well make it worth her while. “Sharpies are life,” Temple University freshman Marc Williams said. “It’s the most basic, fundamental drawing material.”

Price: $79.99

7) Masterpiece Painting Socks

Your friend deserves to feel like a walking piece of art. He knows all about the world’s most famous paintings and can tell you the artist’s name and inspiration in his sleep. His apartment might as well be an art gallery based on all the paintings hung on the walls. Why not keep him warm and inspired through the winter? He’ll be smiling every time he looks at his feet.

Price: $13.88

8) For the Friend Who Swears as Much as They Breathe

Half the time you don’t even know what your friend is saying between all the swear words in their sentence. Sometimes you’re convinced she’s pissed AF, but then she’s laughing and you realize this is just how she talks. Researchers at Marist College in New York have even found that people who swear a lot are more creative. Show you love her and her passionate vernacular. “I’m all for adult coloring books!” Ariel Hartman, a graduate student at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine said. “Coloring books were so fun as a kid I love that adults get to enjoy them again. This one is great because it lets people know you’re definitely not ashamed of coloring as an adult.”

Price: $4.47

9) For the Friend Already Halfway Down the Rabbit Hole

Maybe this friend has confided in you that he would actually prefer to live in Wonderland or maybe he’s as nutty as the Mad Hatter. Either way, he makes every day a little more fantastic. Give him a gift that brings a piece of Wonderland to his morning routine.

Price: $13.95

10) For the Social Media Obsessed Poet

Recently published by a Temple University undergrad couple, this book is a play on Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey. It’s filled with creative poems based on classic Vines from the now inoperative video app. Your friend will be in tears laughing over the best six-second memories from 2013 to 2015. “It’s super hilarious,” Temple junior Dylan Long said. “It was genius to write it, especially since so many people are still in love with Vine and haven’t let it go yet.”

Price: $3.50

11) For the Caffeine Guzzling Photographer

Point, focus, sip. Does your friend bring her camera everywhere and insist on taking photos of you, even on the worst hair day? Even though she uses her DSLR when an iPhone photo would suffice, you love her anyway. Make her mornings a little easier with a cute and portable coffee cup to give her plenty of energy for a day of photoshoots. “It’s a unique twist on a common gift,” Hartman said. “Nowadays it seems like cool tumblers and water bottles are everywhere. This gift definitely sets you apart with the camera lens look.”

Price: $10.99

12) For the Disorganized Creative

Your friend has so many amazing creative ideas he rattles them off a mile a minute. You’re sure it’s so jumbled in his head he’ll forget half of them by the end of the day. Help those creative ideas stick with this adorable typewriter-inspired reminder pad. The post-its feed out of the mouth of the typewriter just like the real deal. He’ll be filling his idea board in no time, and this time, no ideas will slip through the cracks.

Price: $9.84

13) For the Friend Who Loves Trying New Things

If your friend values experiences over material items, give him or her the gift of learning a new skill. Pay the registration fee for an art workshop he’s been dying to check out, like a pottery or painting class. Bonus points if you sign up for the class with him. Doing a new and creative activity together will strengthen your friendship you can laugh at your misshapen pottery mugs afterward and remember the day together every time you sip your morning coffee. “What makes a gift really great is the time and attention the gifter devotes to finding a unique present,” Temple junior Lake Stein said. “I think handmade gifts are really great because they’re truly one of a kind.”